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Swift ~ Hummingbirds

Obviously, I have not kept my word and I apologize. My blogs have not been monthly. It has been a year now that I started and have to say I am changing my ambition to a quarterly blog - March, June, September, and December.

The attempt of a monthly blog to share the creative processes’ ups and downs brought me to a realization. I cannot compartmentalize my art separately from my “other” life. I believe it came down to the aspect that I did not see myself as a “real artist” - I know it is odd. Who defines what an artist is anyways?

It was not until my kids started describing me to others as an artist that I started to relate to it. Then as an art teacher, I really began to own it because of the conversations I had with my awesome students. Labels have always fascinated me. There is so much attached to them - judgment, expectations, failures, excuses, successes.

So here I am, as an artist. With that statement, my expectation of myself is to make a living from my creations. To create daily, promote unceasingly, manage my finances. All this with maintaining my full-time job - because I need it (for now) and it also fulfills my other passion and connects to why I create. Being a caseworker is tough and has awakened a lot of angst into my life. Through my art, I want to give a voice, a sense of stability, to the kids, to the this force of life we all cling so desperately to. I want to empower nature’s forsaken treasures.

Part of this realization is that I want to get to know more about those who own one of my originals. I am looking at having more conversations with those that connect to my art. Please contact me directly or through social media. I am trying to get better with my response times - so patience may be in order :) I look forward to knowing my “fellowship” a bit more and sharing my work with you.

Meanwhile, I also believe that art is for all and has led me to create products used in everyday life. I have designed products that I would want, including some enviro-friendly items that are available on my website ( I have received a lot of support and it is truly appreciated!!!

To conclude with some creation updates: I am almost finished with the bird series with the Hummingbird(s) painting. Which coincidentally overlapped with our pandemic. This painting has been calming to create. The colors also brought a brightness to the winter days - even though I did love all the snow :)

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