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Solo Show - in another state!!!!

Prepping for the show I realized that my "artist statement" has evolved. I then that those who support would enjoy some insight into it. I realize that many will not be able to join me yet here it is:

Artist Statement

Growing up in Montgomery County I would wander what I now call the islands of refuge. Thin rows of trees were allowed to get a little wild between homes and commercial properties. Now living in the woods of Central PA, I have experienced the numerous aspects of wildlife and honor the balance. Reflecting on those islands of refuge, I mourn for the species and habitats that have been and are continuing to be impacted by human development. 

Art has always been my island. Yet it is also a platform to share my ideology. This is where this series began. I believe that just as a balance exists in truly wild places within nature, a balance exists between us as humans and the natural world we are a part of. The natural world we have been blessed with, and called to steward. Through my artwork, I became intimate with different species of birds, toads, salamanders, rabbits...  Each piece begins with a circle, drawn with intentions. This is followed by research of the creature, with walks in the woods, delving into the internet, watching documentaries, or visiting sanctuaries. I paint in layers, entwining the light and the dark symbolizing both hope and despair. I often lose myself as I allow the watercolors to flow, react, and contract from the surface and previous layers - the emergence of a creature begins. 

These pieces are full sheets of watercolor paper with my goal to make them into cards. Playing cards are my initial intention. However, the idea of meditation cards has emerged. I am still in the process of designing them with the hope of having samples at my reception. Creating a conduit to honor nature in everyday life. And seek and honor the tall tree in your island of refuge. 



 Artist Biography

Carolyn believes that being an artist includes exploring, interpreting, and implementing . . . ideas, concepts, and techniques. A way of living and thinking - how one approaches a challenge and develops solutions. As a result, she has been fulfilled in a variety of roles and industries. Ranging from graphic design to leading community involvement through non-profit art organizations and art education. Love of nature and the creative process is a common thread in all of Carolyn’s work.

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