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Carolyn S. Pio is an artist inspired by the turbulent organic essence of nature and the creative process while exploring watercolors, wax, graphite, pen, and ink. Her hope is that her art empowers nature and its various, wondrous creatures.

Artist Statement

I am an artist that envisions the continuity between all life and attempts to illustrate the connections in my creations. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The beauty of these connections is what I am trying to illustrate. Watercolors are a small force of water mixed with colored vibrance... beautifully and wildly independent. Does not care where my brush may be coaxing it to go.  This flow is leading me onwards to a purpose, to bring awareness and appreciation of these connections. It is all a cycle. We are all called to nurture our children, families, communities, and environment, yet it is complicated. Hence all my details are an attempt to illustrate the connections. My hope is that my art empowers nature and all its various, wondrous creatures.



Artist Biography

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Carolyn would explore what she now calls “islands of refuge”. These little stripes of “woods' ' in between properties seems like a vast wilderness to her as a child. Since 1991, she and her husband have nestled in the woods of Central PA. Carolyn now has bigger woods to explore. Understanding this vast difference, Carolyn values the wildness and all the life it holds. Carolyn's artwork mimics the wildness of nature, yet the depth embodies a sense of awe and empowerment, bringing a sense of awe that makes you want to protect and serve the natural areas.

My hopes of making a living from my art come in different forms: 

  • Originals (painting and lampshades)

  • Prints & notecards

  • Print on Demand (my art designed by me on everyday products)

Therefore my products are begin shipped from different sources. If you order multiple items, they will probably come at different times.



  • Shipping is based on the size of items

  • All sales are final
    (but I will do all I can to make it right). 


Here is the breakdown:
  • Original Art and some Prints come from my studio, through the United States Postal Services.
    You should receive your item a week or two after ordering.​

  • Print on Demand comes from Printful - They have manufacturing places located around the world. All products are made to order, as a result, we do not accept any returns. If you received a damaged, defective or incorrect item (including incorrect sizing from what was ordered, faulty printing, tears, and holes), they’ll gladly replace it. Simply email me your concerns, order number, along with a picture of the item. Please make sure you or entering the correct information - e.g. size, color, and mailing address or contact me via email if you're unsure before purchasing.


For all products, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. 

Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Email me a description of the issue, order number, along with a picture of the item. I will then research what can be done about the situation.


Limited commissions are accepted ranging from paintings to designing a coffee mug. Please contact me to discuss. 

Send me a photo of you enjoying my art.
It may be used for promotional purposes

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Carolyn S. Pio

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