Original Art

paintings ~ pen & inks

My usual medium is watercolors -yet often explore with other mediums. Much of my inspiration comes from nature and my own internal response. I notice lines, and love the contrast between light and dark that it creates. I am drawn to the use of more muted, earthy, colors. I admire their combination of subtly and power.

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lamp shades

These handmade lampshades were inspired by the way the sun shines through trees, particularly in the fall. I began to explore ways of combining wax and watercolors. I enjoyed the wax's luminosity and warm tones. Yet, the effect was not at its best unless the light was shining from behind the painting. Then, I had the idea of lampshades. Lots of experimenting then took place. From assembling the lampshades to the frame - to painting with wax as a resistant. Recently, I developed a technique of using a hairdryer to warm the paper so to soften the edges of the wax application. As a result, it feels like I am painting with light.