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Nature vs Nurture

I began the Collection, Nature vs Nurture in January of 2020, then completed the four bird painting series below in 2021. Onto the mammal series!  Two are complete with one more to go. The future may hold Reptiles, Insects, or Aquatic Animals. The goal is to educate and empower the animals of our world. Therefore, I am planning on making playing cards out of them.

My goal is to educate and empower the animals of our world. Reflecting nature vs. nurture in our society and the environment.  The light/dark - good/bad, and the chaotic reality within. We are given the opportunity to nurture our children, families, communities, and environment. Yet the cycle is more complicated than what is seen.

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More Originals


These are just some of my pieces, some art is also available as prints.   Click to explore. 

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Handmade & Painted Lampshades

These handmade lampshades were inspired by the way the sun shines through trees, particularly in the fall. I began to explore ways of combining wax and watercolors. I enjoyed the wax's luminosity and warm tones. Yet, the effect was not at its best unless the light was shining from behind the painting. Then, I had the idea of lampshades. Lots of experimenting then took place. From assembling the lampshades to the frame - to painting with wax as a resistance. Recently, I developed a technique of using a hairdryer to warm the paper so to soften the edges of the wax application. As a result, it feels like I am painting with light.

Left Face

Early Autumn


Carolyn S. Pio

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