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entanglement of weeds

Next in the mammal series are Rabbits!

This is an in-process photo.

I basically have the “skeletal” work complete and now working on the details.

The goal is to capture the elegance and wildness of nature and have the entanglement of wildflowers radiating into the rabbits - embodying a sense of awe and empowerment. I was initially inspired by the wildflowers of spring. Since then, I have been more observant in my walks in the woods and have gained more understanding of why some are intimated by the dark entanglement of wild plants…it can be scary. What is in there? Bugs for sure. Maybe some spiders, ticks, snakes ...yup. Plus turtles, salamanders, and mammals sheltering their babies...such as baby bunnies.

Currently, we (my husband is an awesome support) are prepping for the Ned Smith Nature & Arts Festival on Saturday, July 30th. Now, realizing that I have stowed away a lot of art! He is helping me frame while I prep and inventory. So not much creating lately - yet is part of the artist’s journey. We hope that you can visit the Festival ~ which is free with lots to see and do for all ages at ... 176 Water Company Rd., Millersburg, PA 17061

The update on the series :


Silence ~ Owl (prints & notecards are readily available)

Swift ~ Hummingbirds (prints & notecards are readily available)

Rooted ~ Harpies (prints & notecards are readily available)

Reflect ~ Crows (can order prints & notecards are readily available)


Connections ~ Wolves (can order prints) - ACCEPTED into the Perry County Council of the Arts juried show!!!

??? - Rabbits

??? - Elephant

?? - Bobcat

Some of the painting process...

As subscribers, I truly appreciate you.

The fellowship honoring nature and enjoying the creative process, and final results fills my heart with hope and love:)

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