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the start of a monthly blog:)

I’m currently working on this painting of a Harpy Eagle (see Instagram account for the process). These are amazingly huge birds (3 ft high and wingspan up to 6 ft) found in the Amazon. What’s most impressive is their ability to raise the feather on their heads.

In the creative process, I thought of something... the harpy is probably where the legend of the phoenix came from. I then researched Harpys more and wow..yes, most likely they are the phoenix inspiration. I Then thought about the times we are in now (combined with my comments below) and realized how symbolic the Phoenix is for all of us. We are all affected by this "thing" but we need to rise again - above it all and become better through the process.

As a personal experience of overcoming: I have been feeling a bit deflated, and was not sure if I should share - but then thought it adds to the reality of being an artist. I submitted "Reflect" the (crow painting) to a juried show and it was not accepted. Spinning in self-doubt in many aspects - then I stop dwelling and go at it again.

I then found out “Still of Value” sold at the Ned Smith show and the next day I sold two pieces off my website - first official sales!!!!

As an artist, I am often seeking validation (which in itself annoys me). As a person I'm good, yet struggle with my art.. am I any good, is it of value (esp. if I want to make a living at it). Being a professional artist is tough (no matter the medium - musician, writer, dancer, theater) because it is you who you are putting out there - not a "product". Yet at the same time, you have to take the perspective that it is a product you are presenting, and not to take anything personally. It is a unique business especially when small... because you are the creator of the product and then you, yourself need to market it. So my marketing plug - check out my website - in between creating I am working on adding products. If you would like something specifically designed - let me know :)

And please know I appreciate all your support~ from following me, to all the ‘likes,’ to purchasing.

More on Harpy Eagles:

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