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Canis Lupus . . .

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Lupus ~ Latin for wolf and also named for a constellation in the southern hemisphere. Not sure if that is what I will title this one yet. Usually, a title emerges during the process. I did take my time and enjoyed the endeavor of creating, so I expected to have one by now. However, the moon, a calling, and connection ~ seem to prevail.

Connection. I am reminded of our visit to the wolf sanctuary and how once one wolf howled, they all started to join in until it dwindled to a single howl again. Why? Wolf pack mentality. Commitment to family and friends, calling them together. Despite leadership challenges and disagreements. A sense of connection.

Calling. Purpose. Why are we on this earth? Why do I work as a caseworker and an artist? Are they connected? Am I crazy? Is my purpose both? I am starting to believe so. Being a caseworker is hard. The insecurities of parenting skills, trauma that is passed on, and the lack of family/friend support are all disconcerting. I was never aware of how other families lived in such depth. Then the creative process comes into play. It acts as an outlet, yet reflects the complexities of it all.

Then the moon. Often it is thought that wolves howl at the moon…but that has been debunked. Yet the moon has a real physical influence on all things on this Earth. Pulling and pushing. Influencing everything without our knowledge - an unseen force that guides us all.

These are the aspects I have contemplated while creating this piece.

As I write, I am beginning to see the theme:

“A calling to pull those connected together by an unforeseen force.”

Now to simplify into a title…hummmm?

As subscribers, I wanted to share this with you first. I have been re-evaluating my business plan and trying to figure out ways to show my appreciation to those that continue to support and follow my creative endeavors (and I truly do appreciate you!).

I have also revamped my website inspired by this painting ~ please check it out.

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Carolyn S. Pio

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