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Here we go...

I have had a website for a while now...yet now I plan on using it as a platform for everything as a collection of all my artistic endeavors.... from creating, exhibiting, to selling ~ and here I will share all the ups and downs. So far I am adding work to the web to include my originals and prints - which (at this point) I will be mailing myself. I am currently looking for someone that can create quality prints and then ship them directly to you. The print on demand items is created by Printful - which provides me a lot more control than Pixel did. Although all my work is still available there ( Pixel has good products and are easy to work with - the cut was a lot though and I never knew who was actually purchasing my art/products. Printful also has good products but allows me to design down to little details and then ships "under" my label.

Please feel free to send me your comments - good and bad.

Thank you to all of those that have supported me!

I truly love and appreciate you:)

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