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Meaning of creativity … where do I get my inspiration … more … all has been relevant to me lately. There is so much I can share about this subject and all are so intertwined. It is tough to break it down in a quick blog post. Therefore I will spread it out in numerous posts, in no specific order. Lol…. that would take too much planning on my part and hence a sneak peace into my creative process. Which I believe is the most important aspect.

The process of creating art is something I believe each person experiences in their own way. A creative outlet can vary, depending on one's own interest. If it is construction, mechanics, writing, or even creating spaces for others .. animals, children, gardening. The creative process is what makes us human. Period.

And should be valued all within itself.

The creative process starts with an inspiration to create - which comes from within. It is something that matters to us. Part of our passion. For me it is nature. I love being in nature, where I am most at peace. Trees reaching for the sky, yet rooted in the earth. Water nourishing and replenishing as it finds its own path through life. Wildlife (and pets) exploring, surviving...being. My art is part of me, being in awe of nature’s complications. Balanced, and at the same time, I hope it brings the viewer peace.

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