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Creative hump

Creative Process up and downs

I am pushing it to complete a blog for July, but it is done!

After one is inspired, chooses a subject and a medium, ... they begin creating. 

Often artists sketch this vision out to see if it really makes sense.. Others go with the flow. I utilize both. For my “card” series, I have clear intentions of what I want to create. Yet I do not necessarily have a specific vision. Therefore, I start with what I know I want to do. Then either the flow grabs hold of me and I go - or I stall. At first the flow is strong and everything is flowing… then screech!!!!

Every piece I have ever worked on, I come to this hump.

Honestly, I have been stalled for a bit with the owl painting. Late June I participated in an IG takeover (which is a day of live segments scattered throughout of me talking/working).

I had to plan and develop my vision so that I have three hours of content (which in reality - in the creating process, that is nothing). After the IG takeover was complete, I stalled

I may have been burned out.

I was just unsure of how to represent what I wanted. 

This is what I call the midway hump - when you become unsure of your abilities, in the vision - which leads to indecision. Did I plan enough? Maybe I should go take classes? Is anyone liking my art? Is it valued?

I started moving forward in tiny steps - going with what I knew I wanted, just as I did in the beginning, and awaited the flow to entangle me in the creative process again. 

As I write this, I am still unsure if this piece is going to work. Yet I know I need to keep moving forward with it, and trust . . . whatever it is. That it is going to be ok and in the end it is going to represent what it represents - the struggles and confidence, and the vision. I just need to let go and go with the flow.

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