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Completing the creative process!?

Silence ~ Barred Owl

The swift, quiet, strength of owls amaze me. I hope I give them justice with this piece. So I entitled it “Silence”. “Silence” is complete after five months of the "creative process". I did create in between...two logos and working on the basics. One of the basics was me. The creative process seems to always come back to rediscovering myself in the process. Which I guess makes sense. It seems that artists are always having existential crises. It is part of the creative process but makes us realize why we are creating and adds more emotion to it - makes it real.  Knowing when a piece is done is sometimes a challenge… other times it seems to be automatic. Usually, I evaluate and identify areas that bother me until I cannot find any, anymore. It is all intuition based on experience and ensuring the art is communicating what I intend.  This combination of rediscovering myself and the intent of the art is where the tough part lies. Mainly because both continually evolve and having them connect can be a challenge at times.  Through this piece, I have identified important aspects of myself. And that is - I still struggle verbally communicating. Words still jumble in my mind even though my thoughts and passion are clear - I feel like I sound like an idiot speaking them. It never is what I really want to say - even texting is hard (ha... writing I can revisit and have someone proof). Yet creating seems to be my 1st language. I believe that is why I connect so much to nature - animals, and forests. They are so powerful and are able to communicate without words. Creating is the way I honor them.  This ends my series of the creative process blog. I hoped to finish it a lot sooner but it is what it is. I hope it helped you gain insight into what all artists go through to a certain extent. Not all artists are the same. Yet what I have found is that our art is a part of us. So it is like sharing a piece of oneself with the world, and that can be scary. 

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