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Cherish, Chase, Define

This video is a good representation of how I plan and also not plan, as I create. While painting the moon (and honestly the fur) I was just going with the flow.

I took off a week from my day job to work on the “artist” aspect of my life. It was wonderful. Worked on this sketch of the wolf in preparation for creating the first painting in the mammal series. Most of my time was on inventory and framing in preparation for sending a lot of art to the PCCA Gallery in Newport. The bird series is also exhibiting at Jacobs’s Insurance office caddy-corner to the Galley and I am planning a reception Saturday evening, November 20th. Of course, you are all invited!!!!

I came back to my day job refreshed and refocused. I do enjoy having two jobs. Being a caseworker is tough and it is something I cannot focus on for a long period because I would become lost. Art helps me balance ~ between planning, problem-solving, and going with the flow. I still wish there was more time in the day to do all the things I want to do - yet that seems to be the same for everyone. In my elder years, I am still learning … Empower yourself to cherish the moments. Yet chase the future and define you.

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