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Reflect ~ Crows

Intelligent, Plentiful, Undervalued


Initially inspired by a reflection study, which then evolved. This is the first large piece in which I free-flowed the idea and it was a lot of fun. The first in the series.


Painted with watercolors, ink, and a little acrylic on 22.5"x 30"  300lb hot-pressed watercolor paper.


Nature vs Nurture ~ Overall Plan
The piece is one of four in the Bird /Nature vs. Nurture series. 

These pieces are a reflection of nature vs. nurture in our society and the environment.  The light/dark - good/bad, and the chaotic reality within. We are given the opportunity to nurture our children, families, communities, and environment. Yet the cycle is more complicated than what is seen and in essence, we must keep doing our best. One day at a time. 


I began the Series in January of 2020. I completed the four bird painting in 2021. I have started the mammal paintings. The future may hold Reptiles and Fish. The goal is to educate and empower the animals of our world. Therefore, I am planning on making playing cards out of them.


Reflect ~ Crows

  • Intelligent, Plentiful, Undervalued


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Carolyn S. Pio

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