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Includes lamp and lampshade
After creating some sketches of my hand, I thought the hand reaching would make an interesting lampshade. This piece definitely has the most meaning for me on different levels - I started with one intention and then it evolved into another... and then another. The lamp was another's idea and I went with it - as a result, a new meaning emerged for me. I like to let viewers create their own interpretation.

The lampshade starts as a watercolor painting - with hot pressed paper and high quality, transparent, watercolor paint. During the process, wax is applied with discernment in order to optimize the way the light shines, in this pieces it highlights the hand and swirls. This shade was then attached to the lamp frames with archival tape. Once complete it was then coated with Golden archival spray, so you may wipe clean without concern of damaging the art.

Reach Lampshade

  • created with watercolor & wax

    10 x 12 x 10 IN

Carolyn S. Pio

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