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A distant howl . . .

Before our visit to the PA Wolf Sanctuary

I have so much to share since October! Yet keeping to my blog theme, I will focus on the creative process.

Well... I dug in and I have almost completed my Wolf painting - the first in the mammal series. That being said the creative process is a reflection of so many other components.

It started when I received a notification at the end of October that the PA Wolf Sanctuary has some tours open. I jumped on it and made a reservation for January 1st! What a better way to start the new year. And I have been wanting to get some first-hand experience for my wolf painting because I believe our dogs were influencing me too much. Inspired by the

thought of going and of course watching documentaries, I sketched out the painting. I was really holding myself back until we visited. Luckily my art show (which was awesome and so appreciated the support), Thanksgiving, and Christmas interrupted the flow. And enjoyed spending time with family.

Finally, it was January 1st. It was cold and rainy. We bundled up, put on rain gear, and headed out. Well in short the wolves were amazing. The size, the different coloring, expressions, body language. Their personalities were so apparent, yet wild. I did learn that dogs and wolves should not be bred together - it is not natural and honestly makes for a very confused animal. I so appreciated the experience and the PA Wolf Sanctuary for providing space for these beautiful animals to live out their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. It truly was an awesome experience and we were one of the last to leave. As we exited the gift shop and started to head to our car, we heard a single howl. Then another, then in harmony. Slowly it dwindles to a single howl again. Wow.

Needless to say, I came home and painted passionately. Then I slowed down. I am currently developing the details and layers.

This is the process so far after visiting the PA Wolf Sanctuary along with some pics of the visit ~ also designed a sweatshirt, check out my website to see more details:)

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Carolyn S. Pio

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