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used as a journal of my inspiration and the creative process
(including the struggles and successes). 

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Currently Exhibiting at

PCCA Gallery, Newport PA

The Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks, Pottstown, PA

Silence ~ Owl
Silence ~ Owl

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Serene as Budda
Serene as Budda

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Twirled Slumber
Twirled Slumber

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Silence ~ Owl
Silence ~ Owl

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Carolyn S. Pio is an artist inspired by the turbulent organic essence of nature and the creative process while exploring watercolors, wax, graphite, pen, and ink. 

Artist Statement

So much is out of one's control in their family and community. Nature also has no control over the devastation that occurs to natural habitats, such as meadows, forests, and waterways. Trees and animals themselves didn’t have control, they are all only objects, objects propelled by a force. In my art, I feel empowered.


In my art, I am ok not being in control. Watercolors...a small prospect of the force of water mixed with colored vibrance...are beautifully and wildly independent.  This flow is leading me onwards to a purpose, to give a voice to those that also have a loss of control. To the trees - animals - children. We are given the opportunity to nurture our children, families, communities, and environment. Yet the cycle is more complicated than what is seen and in essence, we must keep doing our best. One day at a time. In my art, I want to empower the inhibited. 


Artist Biography

​Being nestled in the woods of Central PA, Carolyn is inspired by nature and utilizes the organic and unforgiving nature of watercolor, wax, and pen & ink for her creations. Carolyn believes what it means to be an artist includes exploring, interpreting, and implementing . . . yet also empowering. Her art is an attempt to give a voice to those that also have a loss of control. Her use of composition, and letting the watercolor flow naturally, then using “lines” to rein it in, mimics the wildness of nature, yet the depth embodies a sense of awe and empowerment.


For Carolyn, art is not just artwork, but a way of living - thinking - how one approaches a challenge. As a result, Carolyn has been successful in a variety of roles and industries, however creating has always been consistent.



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art inspired by nature,                          
created and designed by Carolyn S. Pio

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