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Nature vs Nurture

Was Exhibiting at
Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art 

176 Water Company Road Millersburg, PA 17061

The Romberger Gallery was hosting the birds series can two of the mammals completed so far - including Conitniuity ~ Rabbits, in addition to my various other works. It looked amazing and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

These pieces are now available for exhibiting elsewhere - please let me know if you are interested in hosting these pieces!

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used as a journal of my inspiration and the creative process
(including the struggles and successes). 

Current Inspirations & Projects

Currently Exhibiting at

PCCA Gallery, Newport PA

The Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks, Pottstown, PA



Carolyn S. Pio is an artist inspired by the turbulent organic essence of nature and the creative process while exploring watercolors, wax, graphite, pen, and ink. Her hope is that her art empowers nature and its various, wondrous creatures.

Artist Statement

I am an artist that envisions the continuity between all life and attempts to illustrate the connections in my creations. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The beauty of these connections is what I am trying to illustrate. Watercolors are a small force of water mixed with colored vibrance... beautifully and wildly independent. Does not care where my brush may be coaxing it to go.  This flow is leading me onwards to a purpose, to bring awareness and appreciation of these connections. It is all a cycle. We are all called to nurture our children, families, communities, and environment, yet it is complicated. Hence all my details are an attempt to illustrate the connections. My hope is that my art empowers nature and all its various, wondrous creature



Artist Biography

Carolyn's artwork mimics the wildness of nature, yet the depth embodies a sense of awe and empowerment.  Her use of composition, and letting the watercolor flow naturally, then using “lines” to rein in connectivity amongst chaos. 

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and now nestled in the woods of Central PA, Carolyn values the wildness in her environment. Carolyn’s current series of “Nature vs Nurture” mimics playing cards. In the hopes of bringing this sense of awe to all, to help protect and serve the natural areas. Especially at this time when every space of land that is not used could be left alone to support wildlife.

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art inspired by nature,                          
created and designed by Carolyn S. Pio

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