Art for Every Day

The belief that art is for all led me to create products used in everyday life. 
I have designed products that I would want, including some 
enviro-friendly items!

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Environmental Friendly Art

I am soooo excited to have a line of clothing that is environmentally friendly!!!!
Please explore and open to comments. Some are made with organic cotton - others are from recycled material. 

These print on demand products are fulfilled through Printful. 
I have found them to be the most environmental and ethical print-on-demand service - that still offers a range of products reasonably priced. It is all a balance! Each item is individually printed for you, and some (like the leggings) are hand-sewn, so the process takes longer than most expect. 

Collections are growing every day, so come back often and save your favorites. You may filter by-products on the left.
Much of the artwork originals are available - if not, I have prints!

Carolyn S. Pio

Pennsylvania, USA

717.275.3767 (please leave a message)

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