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Exploring oils

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

So I have begun painting with oils again. Watercolors have been my medium of choice since I was a teen. My first class was Chinese painting on rice paper and a bamboo brush. In college, I painted with oils and acrylics. I remembered oils being like painting with butter. Working in the graphic design field watercolors were quick and I became proficient. Then with a small studio and kids, watercolors were just easier to create with.

I recently read ... Everything we create either helps or hurts the earth. And I want my creations to last....but some components become poison. So I found natural earth paints and have been mixing my own oils. It is mediative.

I started monochromatically and now starting to add more color. It is scary yet feels natural. Cicadas have also been a passion lately so I have combined them.

However, I have not given up on my series...I want to create the mammal series next. The birds are out getting professionally scanned and I will have limited prints available soon.... let me know if you are interested in preordering:)

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